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Aug 15

Does this come in my size?

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A Curvy Bride’s Survival Guide

By Amelia Clements

We at Dabble Indesign absolutely love it when you post a comment or give us feedback on what you want us to write about. This post is inspired by one of our competition winners, who in a frustrated rage wrote to us about her issues finding a wedding dress to suit both her tastes and (shock horror) her size as well. This bride is only a size 14, which according to my research doesn’t even qualify her in the plus sizes. I thought, if she can’t find what she’s looking for, what sort of hope do size 16+ women have? Surely there are savvy solutions out there for every size? Don’t all bridal boutiques do made-to-measure?

Here is a list of the best places I’ve found, around the country, that cater to any women (well up to size 42 anyway). And if you aren’t in one of these capital cities they all have online sites.

SYDNEY – www.curvaceousbridal.com.au
For all you sexy shire brides you can’t go past Curvaceous Bridal in Miranda. They claim to have the widest selection of dresses in Sydney and from their website I believe them.

MELBOURNE – www.mineomelbourne.com.au
This boutique goes up to a size 34 and has some cute little numbers that are made to measure.

BRISBANE – www.plussizebride.com.au
Queensland ladies can order online or go into the boutique.

ADELAIDE – www.angeline.com.au
Really pretty website! These designs are also sold nationally.

PERTH – www.a-bridal-affair.com.au
Stock up to size 30 with 3 pages of curvaceous dresses to choose from.

HOBART – www.southerenbazzarbridal.com
This Tasmanian owned and operated business is focused on fit and quality. And claim to have a can-do attitude when it comes to finding the right dress.

INTERNATIONAL– www.thecurvybride.com
This U.S site stocks big brands such as Maggie Sottero and Casablanca and cater to sizes 6-34AUS. Their head office is situated in Texes, where supposedly ‘everything’s bigger’.

Here are some (hopefully) helpful tips once you get in the door…Bridal boutiques can be scary places for anyone (just check out some of the online forums…or maybe don’t!), so best show up prepared and ready for battle.

You are about to invest a great deal of money and emotional energy into this so it almost goes without saying that you need to do your research. Before you hit the racks research your body shape, style and what looks great on you, as this will be the best way to narrow down your search. Hopefully you know yourself better than an overbearing sales assistant so know what YOU want before getting advice from others. Know what features you want to emphasize and the ones you want to diminish. Do you have amazing skin, killer cleavage or a scrumptious bottom? Then show them off! It’s your day!!

If you’ve got a bigger busts go for dresses with lower necklines such as V-necks or a sweetheart shape. Check out Mad Men’s sexy-screen-siren Christina Hendricks for examples of this. She proves once and for all that you can’t keep good girls down! Avoid tea-length dresses and full ball gown skirts, as they will only make you appear shorter and rounder then you are. Also A-line skirts can be the most flattering if you’re trying to hide some ‘down there’ weight. But really anything goes as long as YOU feel comfortable.

Just like the old saying – behind every good man is a good woman. Well, behind every great bridal gown is a fabulous set of support underwear! This is the one occasion when support briefs, body suits and bras are really going to come in handy.

Sometimes you are lucky and you find that dress right off the rack and it fits you perfectly. But this is more like the exception than the rule. Most bridal boutiques have an in-house dressmaker who can make alterations but don’t rely on them to be the cheapest. If you know a good tailor or seamstress, take it to them. Just make sure they have worked with bridal before. If they can’t tell you what type of fabric your dress is…run!

Your other option is to get the whole thing made to measure, which many brides opt for, as you can design and fit it to suit your taste and shape. This can be a far more expensive option though, depending on how elaborate the design is. Make time to have regular fittings and don’t do the final fitting until close to the date. One can never know what one’s body is capable of losing or gaining until one has spent months planning one’s wedding!


My parting words are corny and perhaps a little clichéd. But remember to breathe, give yourself plenty of time and enjoy the process. You WILL look stunning! 

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Jul 11

Our New Arrivals….

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We at Dabble Indesign are so excited to show you our latest lil additions that we’ve dedicated this week’s blog post to them!

No, no one is pregnant yet!
Although on a side note, isn’t that the first question you get asked after the wedding bells stop tolling?!
No, we are talking about our stunning, absolutely to die for venue decorations!
These little babies are available to buy and to hire.

Tealight candle holders

Wedding Bombonieres - Tea light bird

Yes that’s right, unlike real babies you can love them and leave them when your happy day is over. So whether you want to keep them to decorate your home or send them back; the choice is yours.


Wedding favors - candelabra

I wish I knew about Dabble Indesign when I got married! I ended up wasting countless hours trowelling through the Internet, and many weekends at the markets, trying to find amazing yet cheap table decorations.

When it was all over my mum had to lug fifteen massive, hurricane vases, full of white stones, to her car. Not to mention when we arrived back from our honeymoon with boxes of decorations everywhere!


Wedding bombonieres and wedding invitations - bird cage wishing well

Now my husband really isn’t the hording type. In fact he’s more like the self-appointed clutter police! Which is sometimes great and sometimes finds us in a situation where I’m huddled over a pile of possessions screaming ‘I do use/wear/need these! Please don’t throw them aaaawwwaaaaayy!’ Needless to say the vases had to go.

We ended up selling them on eBay, and when the winner bidder turned up to collect her vases, I felt like shaking her and exclaiming


Wedding bombonieres lanterns

I am quite clueless as to why more wedding vendors don’t hire out decorations; it is such a good option for clients and one I wish I’d taken. But then again, some of these beauties would look perfect in my home! I think I’ll buy one of the candelabras for my first anniversary dinner?? Or two, or three would look great lined up on my dining room table…

Question: If money were no object, what decorations would you have at your venue?

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May 22

27 Million Dresses…

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On our Welcome page last month we posted our own little competition and the winner is…
Keira Lykourentzos!!!!
You’ve won your very own Dabbles Parasol to shield your lovely self from the sun (or wind or rain, but we aren’t hoping for any of that)!

Most of the entries we received were something to do with dressing your bridal party. Particularly, what do you do when your bridesmaids are completely different shapes and sizes? How do you dress them on a budget?! And what is the proper protocol when it comes to paying? Well we’ve done a little brainstorm and come up with a plan to get your bridal party sorted.

Problem: My bridesmaids are different sizes!

Unless you’ve hired some clones to be your attendants you will probably find your bridesmaids are different shapes and sizes. What looks good on one will almost certainly not look good on another.

Solution: There are two ways you can go about solving this one.

1)   Choose different dresses. If you have your heart set on a certain colour theme or fabric you can still make sure they go well together but they certainly don’t have to be IN THE SAME DRESS! Quite a few designers will repeat a fabric throughout their collections, so one could wear a dress and another the matching skirt or top. Matching belts are also a good for tying the finished look together.

2)   Try to find a dress that flatters the majority of them and get a tailor to alter the rest. A good tailor is invaluable in these situations! Make sure they have worked with similar fabrics before and know what they’re doing. If any of your bridesmaids aren’t fitting the dress, offer to get it alter for them. It will be a good opportunity to make them feel special.

Problem: How do I dress my bridesmaids on a budget? And what is the proper protocol when it comes to paying?

It’s quite common for bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses. It is equally as common for at least one or more of your bridesmaids to be on a budget. You have to remember that your wedding can be quite expensive for others too. After you factor in all the gifts and the cost of the kitchen tea / hen’s night, it might be a little much to ask them to fork out hundreds for their dresses.

Solution: Think outside the box!

If you’ve already looked in the traditional places such as bridal boutiques or formalwear stores you’ll know they’re not exactly cheap or overly accommodating. Why not try these guys?

1)   Theoutnet.com – (Net-a-Porter’s outlet store) This is where gorgeous couture goes to die. After the season is over, dresses that might have been $1000 can be found for as little as $ 300. Sign up for their newsletter as they have amazing flash sales that only members hear about. I got a Stella Mc Cartney dress for $3 just last month!

2)   Henryroth.com  – Great if you want a more structured, formal look. His warehouse sales in Surry Hills are legendary and well worth lining up for.

3)   Dressedup.com.au – If you want a current designer dress but can’t afford to buy it, why not hire it for a week?!

4)   Myclotheshorse.com.au – REALLY reduced (up to 75% off) dresses from designers such as Collette Dinnigan, Fleur Wood, Jayson Brunsdon and Aurelio Costarella. They also have further reductions on  Fridays.

5)   Dabbleindesign.com.au – Check out our very own Dabbles jewellery for affordable little gifts that will make a statement! We recommend:

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May 10

Something old, something new……

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When it comes to choosing a style for a wedding, nothing is more in vogue than what can only (vaguely) be described as the ‘Vintage Style Wedding’ (or VSW). ‘Vintage’ can mean anything from wearing an ivory lace dress or styling your whole day around the Edwardian Era. With so many varying opinions on what exactly vintage ‘is’, it can only really be classified as something… old. I love Dictonary.com ‘s definition: ‘representing the high quality of a past time’.

Why in this contemporary age do we consistently look backwards for inspiration?  Perhaps it’s because now days, we can have it all, on mass and delivered the next day, but what we really want something unique, made with care that reflects a time when things were simpler. Maybe we crave the elegance of a style that has endured a couple of decades (or even centuries). Or maybe we’ve had a good look (and giggle) at our mother’s 80s style wedding album and subconsciously vowed never to wear a bedazzled, taffeta headdress!

In fact, even the most modern bride would be hard pressed to find all the elements that go into a wedding without finding something that was inspired by a bygone era. Whether it be the simplicity of a Grecian style dress, or the clean lines of a Bauhaus font on your thank cards, we all recreate styles that have gone before, even if we aren’t aware.

It’s important to do your research before you style VSW, particularly when choosing the dress. Whether you envision yourself gracefully sauntering down the aisle in a 1950s Christian Dior ball gown or kicking up your heels in a split panel, embellished flapper dress, you need to know whether it’s been lovingly restored or cleverly copied. And tactfully explain to your husband-to-be that NO it won’t look good with the stretch Hummer he’s picked out!

The choices are endless and aren’t made any easier by unlimited access to vintage pieces (both real and inspired) online! The best plan of attack is to keep it simply and follow this advice:

1)   Create a vision board or file of images that you can place side by side and then judge if your style is cohesive. Just seeing it ‘in your head’ may not work out as flawlessly you’d hoped.

2)   Choose your statement pieces first (the ones that everyone will see e.g. dress, suits, flowers) and work everything around that.

3)   Work within a limited colour palette. The experts recommend no more than three.

How to get the look with Dabble Indesign…

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May 03

Dare to Compare!

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Dare to Compare: A Non-Comparative Look at The Royal Wedding

By Amelia Clements

Whether you are completely over it or can’t get enough of those royal re-runs, it seems there’s no avoiding ‘that wedding’. Some have called it a modern-day love story, some a fairy-tale come true and of course there are those who call it a big fat waste of money!

Whatever your opinion might be you can be sure it was in someway formed by your own experience of weddings. When it comes to watching two people vow to love each other for eternity, we all judge by what we’ve seen before and what we think the day should look like. I’m sure the queen had very different ideas to say little Eliza Lopes, the three-year-old bridesmaid who yawned her way into the Abbey.

Kate Middleton (The Duchess of Cambridge) was instantly and internationally compared to every other famous bride before her, from Princess Grace of Monaco (well she did ask for it in that dress), to Cinderella and naturally Williams own mother Lady Diana. Every detail was scrutinised live: as it was happening and that no doubt would have been on her mind.

It’s not just princesses however that get the royal once over.  I go to about five to ten weddings a year and I’ve never been to one without hearing whispers down the aisle about the dress or overheard comments about the food as I’ve stalk the closest waiter. It’s sort of a game we devise to fill in the time between bride sightings. You can be sure to hear all the single girls openly confessing that ‘it’s beautiful…but if it was my day’, while all the smug-married brides re-live their weddings through passionate retellings (I am very guilty here). In fact this whole scenario can be seen on The Lifestyle Channel’s ‘Four Weddings’ programme. Where four brides are pitted against each other as they attend, judge and score each other’s weddings out of ten, whilst swearing blind THEIR day is by far the best and will no doubt win.

I must say I had to physically stop myself comparing my day to every other (even though mine was like…the best by far). I knew I would drive myself crazy and not enjoy it for what it was. Comparisons only detract from what you’ve spent months creating, and this includes having too many pre-conceived expectations on yourself. You may not have two billion people watching your wedding, but unless you elope you will have some people around with an opinion or two (or six). My advice is simple, I think William Shakespeare captured it perfectly when he wrote ‘This above all: to thine own self be true…’. And maybe be a little kinder to the next bride, she may be attending your wedding soon enough.

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Apr 14

And so it begins…

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Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to our blog!

At Dabble our dream is to inspire YOU! Not just until you say ‘I do’ but well into your ‘happily ever after’. We believe the build up to your wedding day can be a very enlightening yet frustrating time in your life. And as such, we are committed to bringing you the very best ideas, images and advice to guide you through the virtual minefield that confronts you on your way to the alter.

We know what we’re talking about here; Dabble was created after a disappointing experience with a wedding vendor! Has anyone else ever thought ‘I could do a better job of that?’

We’ve been through it all and came out the other side a fair bit wiser. And as any wife could tell you after your wedding day you think; what to do with all this very specific, new found wisdom? It’s not like you’re planning on doing it all again?! The only proper thing to do was share it our knowledge with you!

Our designs and products are lovingly made to order, so we thought, why not create a blog with you as the focus as well, after all it is YOUR day!
This will be your go to place for regular weekly updates, inspiring real weddings, gorgeous giveaways, new products, wedding trends and the best wedding vendors in Australia and overseas.

As well as inspiring you with pretty pictures, stylish brides and DIY projects (where most wedding blogs end), we’ll take a look behind the scenes at topics that concern you most from ‘How to diplomatically organize a seating plan to ‘Looking your best the healthy way’.

We’ll open up a forum where you can feel free to ask questions, leave comments and share your knowledge with other brides to be.

This week’s giveaway question: What do you think is the hardest wedding item to source in Australia and why?

Leave your answer in the comments box below. The most thoughtful answer wins a beautiful vintage parasol from Dabbles’ new collection!
The winner will be announced 12th May 2011…

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