We at Dabble Indesign are so excited to show you our latest lil additions that we’ve dedicated this week’s blog post to them!

No, no one is pregnant yet!
Although on a side note, isn’t that the first question you get asked after the wedding bells stop tolling?!
No, we are talking about our stunning, absolutely to die for venue decorations!
These little babies are available to buy and to hire.

Tealight candle holders

Wedding Bombonieres - Tea light bird

Yes that’s right, unlike real babies you can love them and leave them when your happy day is over. So whether you want to keep them to decorate your home or send them back; the choice is yours.


Wedding favors - candelabra

I wish I knew about Dabble Indesign when I got married! I ended up wasting countless hours trowelling through the Internet, and many weekends at the markets, trying to find amazing yet cheap table decorations.

When it was all over my mum had to lug fifteen massive, hurricane vases, full of white stones, to her car. Not to mention when we arrived back from our honeymoon with boxes of decorations everywhere!


Wedding bombonieres and wedding invitations - bird cage wishing well

Now my husband really isn’t the hording type. In fact he’s more like the self-appointed clutter police! Which is sometimes great and sometimes finds us in a situation where I’m huddled over a pile of possessions screaming ‘I do use/wear/need these! Please don’t throw them aaaawwwaaaaayy!’ Needless to say the vases had to go.

We ended up selling them on eBay, and when the winner bidder turned up to collect her vases, I felt like shaking her and exclaiming


Wedding bombonieres lanterns

I am quite clueless as to why more wedding vendors don’t hire out decorations; it is such a good option for clients and one I wish I’d taken. But then again, some of these beauties would look perfect in my home! I think I’ll buy one of the candelabras for my first anniversary dinner?? Or two, or three would look great lined up on my dining room table…

Question: If money were no object, what decorations would you have at your venue?