On our Welcome page last month we posted our own little competition and the winner is…
Keira Lykourentzos!!!!
You’ve won your very own Dabbles Parasol to shield your lovely self from the sun (or wind or rain, but we aren’t hoping for any of that)!

Most of the entries we received were something to do with dressing your bridal party. Particularly, what do you do when your bridesmaids are completely different shapes and sizes? How do you dress them on a budget?! And what is the proper protocol when it comes to paying? Well we’ve done a little brainstorm and come up with a plan to get your bridal party sorted.

Problem: My bridesmaids are different sizes!

Unless you’ve hired some clones to be your attendants you will probably find your bridesmaids are different shapes and sizes. What looks good on one will almost certainly not look good on another.

Solution: There are two ways you can go about solving this one.

1)   Choose different dresses. If you have your heart set on a certain colour theme or fabric you can still make sure they go well together but they certainly don’t have to be IN THE SAME DRESS! Quite a few designers will repeat a fabric throughout their collections, so one could wear a dress and another the matching skirt or top. Matching belts are also a good for tying the finished look together.

2)   Try to find a dress that flatters the majority of them and get a tailor to alter the rest. A good tailor is invaluable in these situations! Make sure they have worked with similar fabrics before and know what they’re doing. If any of your bridesmaids aren’t fitting the dress, offer to get it alter for them. It will be a good opportunity to make them feel special.

Problem: How do I dress my bridesmaids on a budget? And what is the proper protocol when it comes to paying?

It’s quite common for bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses. It is equally as common for at least one or more of your bridesmaids to be on a budget. You have to remember that your wedding can be quite expensive for others too. After you factor in all the gifts and the cost of the kitchen tea / hen’s night, it might be a little much to ask them to fork out hundreds for their dresses.

Solution: Think outside the box!

If you’ve already looked in the traditional places such as bridal boutiques or formalwear stores you’ll know they’re not exactly cheap or overly accommodating. Why not try these guys?

1)   Theoutnet.com – (Net-a-Porter’s outlet store) This is where gorgeous couture goes to die. After the season is over, dresses that might have been $1000 can be found for as little as $ 300. Sign up for their newsletter as they have amazing flash sales that only members hear about. I got a Stella Mc Cartney dress for $3 just last month!

2)   Henryroth.com  – Great if you want a more structured, formal look. His warehouse sales in Surry Hills are legendary and well worth lining up for.

3)   Dressedup.com.au – If you want a current designer dress but can’t afford to buy it, why not hire it for a week?!

4)   Myclotheshorse.com.au – REALLY reduced (up to 75% off) dresses from designers such as Collette Dinnigan, Fleur Wood, Jayson Brunsdon and Aurelio Costarella. They also have further reductions on  Fridays.

5)   Dabbleindesign.com.au – Check out our very own Dabbles jewellery for affordable little gifts that will make a statement! We recommend: